Tuesday, 29 December 2015

How the Tonsillitis stole Christmas (Don't Worry, It Didn't Really)

I'm not great with puns. I thought it best to apologize for such a title so late in the year. Those who had spent more time with me know that my strengths lie with sarcasm and playing jokes straight with a deadpan face. And even then I'm never really the funniest person in the room. Of course, now that I'm doing my favourite hobby (i.e. sitting in my room alone, lurking on the Internet), I am.
I haven't had much time to get into the Christmas spirit - final deadlines on the 18th, so it was constant stress and anxiety until then. So below follows a short summary of the period between that and now.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Best Songs of 2015

Songs, songs, songs - it's even harder to pick out a top 40 than to pick out 10 albums. There's no such thing as a bad year or a good year for songs - there are always great ones out there. As with the albums, these songs largely reflects my personal taste - too weird for the common people, really not heavy enough for metalheads - and is largely independent of the actual "goodness" of songs.
As per usual, links are in the descriptions (the song titles), but the songs are available on 8tracks and Spotify (although 3 songs are missing in the latter). As per usual, the post is extremely long.

Best Albums of 2015

The last Monday of the year is Music Monday with the best - my favourite albums now, and my favourite songs coming in a later post. I must say, despite some highly anticipated records of some of my favourite bands, 2015 was a little less impactful for me (album-wise) than 2014. However, paired with the fact that I listened to more albums than ever before, the choice wasn't particularly easier.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Album Reviews: November

November: the hell month with increasingly less sleeptime. This of course means that I barely had time to listen to new records - so this month only has 3 (well, sort of). At least it's short.