Wednesday, 20 November 2013


So I missed Monday, I had a test to study crazily cram for, but anyway. I did that In Flames toplist, and ever since I've been listening to In Flames/Soilwork almost exclusively. Moreover, there's a Soilwork concert this Thursday which I won't be going to, because a) I'm too chicken to go alone to a metal concert and I have all the wrong friends who are all similarly unwilling to come with me and b) because I just spent about 45k (in forints) on a new pair of glasses:(
To lessen my grief, here is a 20 toplist of Soilwork songs. None of which I'll hear live.
There's a lot from the current album, simply because that's the newest so recently I listened to that the most (but I do LOVE the new album) and a lot from Stabbing the Drama because that's my favourite album. (Or has been, until this new one.)