Thursday, 30 June 2016

Album Reviews: June

Here I am with the new review! Summer is usually bleaker for releases, but these are the months I have more time to write, so I work with what I have. There were two records I was really looking forward to, but there are some nice finds apart from those as well.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Album Reviews: March-April-May

Honestly, I most missed my monthly reviews of my favourite albums. It's a bit late now, and it's a monster of a post - so mostly just blurbs go with the albums - but here is my favourite 15 from this spring; as per usual, in chronological order.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Natural Lips

Well, I haven't written in three months - time sure flies when one actually has a social life next to university. This did mean a neglect of my hobbies (although I listened to just as much music; so expect a huge post of spring albums later). For now, this is a succint but hopefully informative writing up of my nude lipsticks.
Hát, egy jó ideje nem írtam már - gyorsan múlik az idő, ha valami szociális életünk is van az egyetem mellett. Kicsit elhanyagoltam a hobbijaimat, habár így is nagyon sok zenét hallgattam, úgyhogy hamarosan jön majd egy összefoglaló a tavaszi albumokról. Egyelőre itt ez a tömör de remélhetőleg hasznos poszt a kedvenc nude rúzsaimról.