Monday, 28 September 2015

Birthdays, Trips, Dinners

This Sunday was my birthday - as it is with adulthood, half of it was chores and only half the party. The party mainly being a visit to Szentendre and an avantgarde exhibition within. Sounds sappy, but the real gift is still spending time with my friends. Then of course, my family awaited me home with dinner and yet more gifts. Behold, below.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Autumn Playlist II

Here is everyone's long-awaited sensible weather - a temperature around 20 degrees, wind and sunshine and rain and scattered, fluffy clouds. I do like autumn as well as anyone (even if my favourite is still the summer warm), if not for else, then for the opportunity to dress in more than my shortest shorts and a breezy crop top. In other words, being able to wear my leather jacket.
Since I still lack a rain-proof pair of footwear, I cannot wholeheartedly look forward to now regularly having to step out of my house and go places. Yeah, autumn also means the start of school, which I regrettably have to say, I did not want to start yet. Every summer, I start out with loads of things to do, to paint, to learn, and in the end, do precious few of them. There's never enough time for my hobbies and there never will be, something I might as well just accept.

So, to lift the mood a bit, and also because it's a tradition of mine by now, here is a playlist for autumn, loaded with melodeath and progressive death metal.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Album Reviews: August

It's time for the next album review post. I didn't expect much of the August batch of releases, and it didn't deliver much, but I kind of feel like I'm still disappointed. But I was also in the mood to write negative reviews, so bad ones are happily included as well. On the other hand, September still promises to be awesome, and at least this way I could catch up on a few interesting records I missed.