Saturday, 30 August 2014

Fall Wishlist

A little fall wishlist - I am trying to be sensible, so some of these are rather necessities, or things I wanted since long ago. Splurging only on skirts, though I don't think I'll reach 20 pieces by my birthday, but who knows. (I have to go counting.)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

7 Sins Book Tag (Spoilers: Guilty of All)

Oh my god, I'm a deplorable blogger. Well, it's not like I have more than a few followers, but I like to make plans for the future, and I don't like it when I can't follow through, because of my own completely illogical mood swings. It's not even that I didn't have any inspiration for blogging - I had, I just didn't want to actually do it. A few amazing shows and films I watched, stuff like that. When the experience is new, I have so many thoughts and such difficulty to actually put it into coherent sentences. And later, I don't have the same emotional drive anymore - see my problem? (I am still planning to make that post, sometime in September, probably.) So I thought a simple pre-conceived book tag like this would work, to get me back into the mood.
(The picture is of Rostlaube Free University's Philology Library by Foster + Partners which is a building I like quite a lot.)

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


This is one of those ridiculous wishlists: full of things I'll most probably never be able to buy (or by the time I'll be able to afford them, I'll be probably too old to wear them...). This may also be seen as a manifesto to my undying love of 'flatform's shoes. One of the reasons I can never buy sandals I truly like because here in the shops there is simply isn't any variety in this sort of footwear. I do realize this kind of stuff wouldn't appear to a larger market, and this country/city I live in simply isn't big enough for anyone to invest in opening more alternative clothing shops.