Monday, 24 March 2014

The Spring Playlist

I have lots of these Music Monday Playlists in store, but I decided seasonal is going to be a new thing! Each one is going to be posted after the astronomical start of the season - and of course, on Monday, hence the date for this one. It was hard to select songs for spring though, I guess you can imagine - fishing for a few happy songs among the sad metal, it's not an easy task. So it's a bit of a depressing spring. I managed to find a few love songs though, which I guess are season-appropriate.

(The songs are in no particular order.)

Monday, 17 March 2014

My favourite Within Temptation songs

I'm still under the influence of the concert, I've been mostly listening to music all weekend, organizing my iTunes library, making lists and searching for new things to listen to. So I though that for Music Monday, a little personal WT top20 would do.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Within Temptation concert

I went to the WT concert for their Hydra album tour yesterday, and it was glorious. I am obviously biased, and I have already concluded my favourite kinds of concerts were the symphonic metal ones - no death walls and the like which are there at punk rock concerts, not too much super muscly-little people crushing-scary dudes (although I do not understand the people who just stand in one place for a whole two hours, seeming like they don't even enjoy it). I have muscle pain even in my stomach (cause I'm weak), and I'm on my fifth cup of honey tea for my sore throat. It's times like this I realize I absolutely adore to go to concerts.
A little gushing below the cut.