Monday, 26 October 2015

A Halloween Playlist

This comes with the usual warning: only for lovers of all things metal. Here you can listen to it on 8tracks, and after the break there's a track-by-track breakdown with youtube links, for those who don't want to listen to the whole length. (And in case 8tracks skips some songs, which it sometimes does.)

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Glamour Haul

The obligatory Glamour Days post that must be appearing on every Hungarian fashion blogger's site. This time around I bought exactly zero pieces of clothing, but left quite a bit of cash at drugstores. I also bought a pair of shoes, but still - I exercised a good deal of control.
A kötelező Glamour-napos poszt, biztosan a hatszázadik mindenki feedjén. Most semmi ruházati terméket nem vettem - egyrészt nem igazán van semmire szükségem, másrészt fekete köves gyűrűt sehol sem találtam (olyat ami tetszett), szóval abból ebay lesz, majd karácsonyi ajándék gyanánt. Viszont nagyon sok mindent vettem drogériákban - ilyenkor szoktam betárazni mindenből a hajbalzsamtól a dezodorokig, plusz nyilván néhány szép, őszi színű miegymás is tervben volt.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Album Reviews: September

I'm here with the newest batch of album releases. It's not really that September had that many more great records - more so that there are loads of releases in September for some reason. Fall fashion? Fall albums? Is it like the summer season and Christmas for movies? Unfortunately, this also means I have no way of properly listening to them all, what with the semester starting and a shitload of university work to be done. I listened to about a dozen new albums, but narrowed it down to these seven - for some reason or other, these were the ones I listened to the most.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

2016 Spring Trends (at the Fashion Weeks)

The fashion weeks are not over yet, but I thought I'd do a little post about emergent trends, before doing my usual favourites month after the end of Paris Fashion Week. I'm no expert, so I don't know which of these will make it into fast fashion, and a few might even be wishful thinking on my part.