Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Colourpop 'On a Whim' Mini Size Kit

I have bought a lot of makeup products since autumn, the months leading up to Christmas. I was planning most of my purchase for my Christmas visit to England, but I made an impromptu purchase in November when I saw on the Colourpop instagram that they were having a 24-hour free international shipping stunt again. I missed the last one, and I'm too cheap to otherwise pay for shipping and haven't got enough money saved up for a $50 purchase (plus customs, which are no joke), so I jumped on the opportunity.

I wanted to stay under the customs price limit, which is 22 euros, and thanks to the high dollar that meant only a few things - probably three liquid lipsticks. So instead, because I really wanted to try the brand after all this time, I ordered a mini size kit of muted Ultra Satins, 'On a Whim' (what a fitting name). It all came safely packaged in an entirely too huge carton box lined with loads of spongy white material.

The lipstick tubes really are tiny, about the size of my ring finger. There isn't much product inside, but it's all very pigmented, so I'm sure it'll last a good dozen uses. They tubes are glassy matte, and all the writing is in black, so it looks completely different to their regular tubes, but they are very good quality. Maybe because of the material of the tubes, the lipsticks are all darker applied than what they appear to be. They all have good staying power, and I love that they aren't very drying at all and can be reapplied.

Magic Wand is a beautiful, muted peachy nude, about the lightest thing that I'm willing to wear. It's definitely my least favourite out of all, but it's nicely pigmented, and would be a good nude on anyone. Mess Around is a pale grey-brown colour, fantastically pigmented and a very flattering shade. It's my favourite shade, and I will probably buy the full-sized one when I finally place that $50 order. Stud is a muted brick red (of the English brick houses variety); it looks more brown applied on me than it does in this swatch, I think it makes it a very wearable colour. Toolips is a dark plum-red-brown, a fairly unique colour in the burgundy variety, and my other favourite. Dopey is a beautiful mauve, not a very unique colour, but I find that it's slightly less saturated that other mauves that I own, which I really like.

One of the reasons I wanted this set was to compare Mess Around the NYX's Honeymoon. They are fairly similar, but the finish is obviously different, and Mess Around is more purple while Honeymoon is warmer-toned, more yellow. Colourpop's Ultra Satin formula is more creamy, applies thicker and seems to be more pigmented, while NYX's wears more light, and is more durable; overall I prefer the Ultra Satin formula, which might just be my favourite liquid lipstick formula ever, but NYX is obviously more accessible here.

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